In memorium

Anna Hanusová, née Flachová

26 November 1930 - 30 April 2014

Anna Hanusová, our beloved Flaška, died on 30 April 2014. She was and is the soul of the Room 28 Projects. Everyone who met her knows: She was a wonderful person: charming, loving, full of empathy, vitality and humour. She opened up her heart to so many of us and reached thousands of hearts. The love she gave will live on. 

Whenever she spoke about her experiences in Theresienstadt, she quoted words by Margit Mühlstein, whose daughter Maria lived in Room 28. Margit Mühlstein left this dedication in her album: "Our years in Theresienstadt will have been for nothing if we ever oppress so much as a single person in our own life.' And she added: "This has become the motto of my life."

The educational team around Alexander Wolf put these words on top of their preamble which you can read on the website:

Anna Hanusová, Spindlermühle, September 2006
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