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Solidarity with Ukraine

20 July 2024

Patronage: Vladimir Jurowski

We are delighted that the General Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera Vladimir Jurowski has taken on the patronage of our project Brundibár children's book as a gift to Ukrainian children. Thanks to this extraordinary patronage, we are preparing a special event for children aged five and over with renewed vigor: A reading with Andreas Jocksch as reader of the story and singer of the songs of Brundibár.

Brundibár. Story.

Our young guests experience the miraculous adventures of Aninka and Pepíček, who want to get milk for their sick mother, rush to the market but don't get milk from the milk seller because they have no money, and end up being chased out of the marketplace by the evil organ grinder Brundibár... What then happens when night falls and a sparrow, a cat and a dog join the children and hatch a plan is like a fairy tale. In the end, Aninka and Pepíček, together with the animals and the children of the town, have defeated Brundibár and chased the villain away from the market square! Because they stuck together; because friendship, justice and solidarity are the source of our strength!

Brundibár-Book for Ukrainian children

As part of our event(s), we give Ukrainian children a Ukrainian Brundibár book. Other organizers who want to do a reading from the book for Ukrainian children can receive free copies of the Ukrainian edition from us to give away, as long as stocks last.

БРУНДІБАР. Як Анінка й Пепічек шарманщика перемогли

Brundibár. Wie Aninka und Pepíček den Leierkastenmann besiegten

Brundibár. How Aninka and Pepíček defeated the organ-grinder

Project with J-ArtEck Jugendbildungsstätte

As a joint-venture with ArtEck-Janusz-Korczak-Bildungsstätte we were holding a reading on 29 June 2024 in Berlin for Ukrainian children. The music-teacher from Kiew Iryna Skriabina-Shphyl conducted workshops for young people and taught them some of the songs from the opera. Andreas Jocksch read from the book and sang the songs of Brundibár. Iryna Skriabina-Shphyl read the story in Ukrainian. We plan further events for Ukrainian children. Should you be interested, please contact us.

In Planning

Brundibár and the Girls of Room 28

What does Brundibár have to do with "The Girls of Room 28", and with our association? - many people ask. The answer: a lot! The story of these girls is also the story of the performances of the children's opera in the Theresienstadt ghetto. We are highlighting this connection with our special event, which we are planning as a joint venture with our school partners, with young people and with the ensemble Zwockhaus. - You can find out more about this topic under the menu Motifs and, in more detail, on Edition Room 28:

Donate. Support.


The production of the Ukrainian books could be realized thanks to the support of the German Foreign Office.  Therefore we are able to give a limited amount of books as a gift to Ukrainian children.

Ordering the book


Those interested please turn by phone or E-Mail to Hannelore Brenner.

E-Mail: Telefon: (030) 691 83 95

Motives behind

The idea for the Ukrainian edition of the Brundibár children's book was brought to the author of the Brundibár-book Hannelore Brenner from the stage-director Mstislav Pentkovsky, Riga. More under: Motifs

Brundibár production by Mstislav Pentkovsky in the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. 2017.
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