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Update 15 July 2024

Patronage: Vladimir Jurowski

We are delighted that the General Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera Vladimir Jurowski has taken on the patronage of our project Brundibár children's book as a gift to Ukrainian children. Under this new auspices, we are planning a special event. More under Brundibár.

German-Ukrainian Reading with Music

On June 29, we conducted a reading with music and singing for children aged 5 and up - in German and Ukrainian - at the J-ArtEck Jugendbildungsstätte (Youth Education Centre in Berlin). Iryna Skriabina-Shpyl (music teacher and singer from Kiew) conducted music-workshops for young people who sang some songs of the opera to the reading. Andreas Jocksch read the story and sang the songs of Brundibár. 

Andreas Jocksch read the story for children and sang the songs of Brundibár

Exhibition: Ilse-Löwenstein-Schule, Hamburg

12 and 13 July 2024

In the frame of the school-project ILSE MEETS THERESIENSTADT  the school showed the exhibition The Girls of Room 28. Theatre teacher and director Karsten Bohn staged a special scenic reading with students from the theatre course: The Girls of Room and Brundibár. It was presented before the opera Brundibár was staged on 12 and 13 July to introduce the audience into the subject - a very impressive performance!

New Modul to the Educatonal Project

What did "The Girls of Room 28"  experience before they were deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto? What happened in their home country when their lives were thrown off course in 1938/1939? The new module for the Room 28 Educational Project tells the historical context in which these girls grew up. It shows how the decisive events of the years 1938 to 1942 are reflected in what these girls experienced and, by interweaving political events and individual experiences, makes it possible to experience a chapter of German-Czech history at the time of the "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia".


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