Terezin Project

Our German-Czech Project

Soon the new work on the new brochure Terezín. Děvčata z pokoje 28. Kompendium 2020. Vzdělávací projekt Pokoj 28 (Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28, Compendium 2020. Room 28 Educational Project) is completed. They will be printed  beginning of 2020. It is a project supported by Germany's Foreign Ministry.

We are happy to be able to hand over the first copies soon to all involved, especialy to our partner, the Svobodná základní škola a free Waldorf School some miles away from Terezin.

German-Czech partners

Svobodná základní škola, o.p.s, Katarina Hurychová, director of the school and team

Room 28 Projects, Room 28 e.V. , Hannelore Brenner, director of Room 28 and team

Plrease read our NEWSLETTER December 2019 for updated information.

On 17 November 2017 Svobodná základní škola and Room 28 presented their common project to the public. We opened the exhibition Děvčata z pokoje 28 in Terezin, in the spaces of the Artillery Barracks,  Akademická 406. The exhibition (a smaller Czech version) was donated to our partner as a  first sign of our cooperation. In March 2018 we donated a German version of the exhibition.
Lisbeth Wutte presented the project in the magazine: Erziehungskunst (German)
Opening, 27 November 2017, Terezin
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