Refugee Crisis

Call for Brainstorming

Hannelore Brenner, September 2020


For many years now, I am  asking myself: Why does the European and the World Community, the good part of it, not take care of  the refugees by building a new town or new towns and offer those in need shelter and a home in the spirit and under the law of peace, freedom, non-violence and human rights?

For good reasons, I connect this question and Call for Brainstorming with the story of "The Girls of Room 28".  Because this is a story of solidarity, friendship, mutual help and respect. It is a tragic history about the darkest side of human nature. But it is also a story of hope.

It is not the creation of a ghetto that is behind this idea and initiative. The idea is to turn away from the bad, uninspired habit of estalishing one miserable provisional camp after the other and force those who seek help to live under most terrible conditions, without perspectives and without hope that their fate will change for the better.

The rigid and unimaginative measures of setting up one primitive camp after the other (with a lot of money flowing) is evidence of incapacity, of callousness and heartlessness. In a world with countries that boast themselves of technical progress, economical wealth, human inventiveness, it is hard to believe that it should not be possible to offer human and future-oriented solutions for the world-wide refugee crisis!?  How many years more do we stick to strategies that have stagnated into deadly routine and prevented the search for innovative ways to solve the refugee crisis and REALLY HELP those who need help.


On this endangered planet, with increasing threatening (partly) natural catastrophes and (totally) un-natural wars and terrorism, we all who live on this earth are in danger. Our safe lives can change from one second to the other. And then we are the one who need help; or perish.


The town(s) I have in mind are not places, where refugees should be forced to live forever. They are meant as an alternative for the camps which are not acceptable on the long run. The towns I have in mind are places, were people from anywhere in the world live, not only refugees - after all, the creation of a new town needs all kinds of people with many different talents. The towns I have in mind could develop into a kind of model-towns. Isn't it worth to give it a try?


In order to avoid any misunderstanding about the idea behind, I have linked this call with the story of the girls of Room 28 - with their ideals and hopes and with their flag  - a symbol of a very special community  - a "germ of humanity" - in the midst of the inhumane world in which they lived during the Nazi-era and the Holocaust, in the ghetto Theresienstadt. 


What happened then was a shame for mankind and humanity - as today the refugee-camps and how we deal with the refugees and the arising problems are a shame for mankind and humanity. And for Europe. And for the world.

Voices from members of Room 28


Ich kann mich nur anschließen. Es muss unbedingt auf die Vereinsseite.



finde ich gut. Die Motivation für unser Engagement ist ja keine Huldigung der Geschichte oder Selbstzweck, sondern der Kampf gegen den inhumanen Umgang von Menschen durch Menschen


FW: Ja, auf die VEreinsseite.  Es geht ja um den erweiterten Humanismus-Begriff unserer Satzung.


HD, eines der "Mädchen von Zimmer 28",

I absolutely understand and agree, that the problem of all the world refugees needs a human and quick solution, but unfortunately there are also people in this mass of refugees, who are not just poor, innocent refugees, but sometimes very dangerous that your suggestion is really the right thing to do, but not so easy . It is good, that there are people like you and let us hope that a good and just solution, which also has in mind the problem, which I arrised can be found. All the best in these crazy times.


Who supports this idea? Let us know.

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