To our friends all over the world

23 December 2019


Dear friends, dear donators,

this year there was hardly time and energy left for promotion and broader communication; my capacities were limited and focused on creating the new Czech edition of the Compendium to the Room 28 Educational Project and further teaching material. This is a project funded by the German Foreign Ministry. I am happy that it will soon be done. In January 2020 the first copies will be printed and given to all involved, especially to our Czech partner, the Svobodná základní škola, a free Waldorf School a few miles away from Terezin.

The next step is to make German and English versions of the new parts and to produce special teaching units. Altogether these components form what is conceived as a collection of growing teaching material. Our project is, as you may know, work in process, and the brochures are a means to convey the fundamental frame and structure, the most important messages and aspects and to illustrate with exemplary chapters the concept  behind. This year a small but committed team of young pedagogues formed around Alexander Wolf. They continue on this road, create further material apt for individual teaching practice and are ready to work for the project in many other ways.


You see: there is no standstill. There is still so much to do! We are keen to move forward. However, a lot of work is only possible with financial support. 

Just imagine the time and work needed for the digitalization of the extensive audio- and film archives of Room 28 Projects hidden in the boxes. We plan to add audio-and film stations to the exhibition and will do it together with the film-production” (Berlin-Dresden). We are also planning a documentary about "The Girls of Room 28" and our project.

Thank you to all who supported our project in the last years! We depend on strong support to keep on working on the project and to unfold its potential. Most of you know, there is a vision behind: to secure the legacy of "The Girls of Room 28" through our educational project, a touring exhibition and a permanant exhibition. There is still a long way to go. But it is worth it. Because, as Karen Zolko, the producer of the Brazilian exhibition As meninas do quarto 28, put it

Room 28 is a tool for a better world, for a better future.


Therefore we ask you to support our project again - or for the first time. It would mean to secure our full ability to act and realize our plans. In 2020, the project needs to be put on many shoulders. We need special support for our  educational team, special support for the film-team, special support for developing the exhibition and general support for all the branches - like Edition Room 28 - and support for our unique event in July 2020.

  • We plan our first international Room 28 Networking Meeting in Berlin with all friends and partners from all over the world. 

I am wishing you and your beloved a happy Christmas or Chanukka time, and a happy New Year. May peace, happiness and health be on your side all through the year 2020 and thereafter. 

With love and kind regards, Hannelore

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