Room 28 Circle of Friends

April 2021

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The time has come to join forces with those all over the world who share our values and who are ready to support our project "The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28".


In March 2021 we started a donation campaign over the platform "Betterplace". As most of you know, it is our aim to maintain, to keep alive and to tell the story of "The Girls of Room 28", to share what is so special about their experiences and messages and to make their precious Theresienstadt legacy part of our collective memory.

One of our next steps is to develop our Room 28 Educational Project and the teaching material and to maintain and develop the exhibition. Our vision is to create - wherever the seeds will grow -  a very special extra-curriculum place of learning about and experiencing what is essential in life, to expand our international network and encourage international cooperation.


In order to promote our cause, to enhance the energy, the forces and resources required to realize our aims, we are now establishing a Circle of Friends and you are welcome to be part.


The platform "Betterplace" offers us a tool for sending out newsletters to those who like to stay informed. Therefore, if you like to share and support our cause , we would ask you to donate over this platform, if only a symbolic amount, so we can easily keep you updated. However, though money is a necessary means to realize our plans, ideas, values and a vision are the heart of it.  So if you want to support us in whatever way possible, get in touch with us.

This listing started on 7 March 2021, and will be continued chronologically. Off course we only name those who give  their consent.

Hester Lilian Wonschick, Berlin │Bernhard Rißmann, member, musician │Tatja Giele, member│ │ Frank-Steffen Elster, head of the  Gewandhaus Children's Choir Leipzig │ Constanze Wolff, head of the Gewandhaus Children Choir's office Leipzig │Immo Heide, member │ Hartmuth Schlüter-Müller, member, Borken │ Dr. Christian Walda, member, deputy director of the museum for Art and Art history Dortmund │ Thomas Rietschel, member, Weikersheim │ Norbert Voshaar, Neuenhaus │Silke Abendschein, filmproduction "zeitgebilde" │ Elaine Wyden, USA │ Olek Witt, actor and theatre-director, Dresden│ Dagmar Poetzsch, Berlin │ Petra und Lutz Voss, members│Lisbeth Wutte, member, drama teacher, Munic │Christiane Peter, member, Berlin │Alexander Wolf, member, Wiesbaden, head of the pedagogic workshop │ Sara Hupperts, member of the pedagogic workshop  │ Esther Nauth, member of the pedagogic workshop │ Matthias Prill, member of the pedagogic workshop │  Alexander Placke, member of the pedagogic workshop │Andreas Jocksch, singer │Evelina Merová, a "Girl of Room 28", Prague │ Anna Zeltsman, Berlin │ Karsten Zweiniger, Wandlitz │Hildegard und Hans-Jörg Modlmayr, Borken ││Bärbel Jacks, film-director, one of her film sis the documentary "Drawing Against Oblivion" about the Austrian artist Manfred Bockelmann│

Handa Pollak, one of "The Girls of Room 28" who lives in Israel,   wrote on 24 April 2021: "Dear Hannelore,  I agree with pleasure to become one of the circle of friends and I wish you full energy to continue all your plans. Handa."

Right to left: Anna Hanusová, Handa Drori, Ela Weissberger, Helga Kinsky. Spindleruv Mlyn, 9-2011

Room 28 Document

Statement of "The Girls of Room 28", Spindleruv Mlyn, 3 September 2011. The text is published in the Compendium to the Room 28 Educational Project. You can download this page along with  the page: "Stones of Remembrance." (pages 14 and 15 of the brochure).

Stones of Remembrance. Statement of the Girls of Room 28.
Room 28 Compendium 2017 pages 14-15.pdf
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