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Update: 3 February 2018

Terezin, Waldorf School Initiative

and Room 28

German-Czech cooperation project

In Terezin, site of the former Jewish Ghetto, a committed team of teachers and supporters have founded Svobodná základní škola, o.p.s., an independent elementary school based on Waldorf education. Presently the school consists of three classes with 41 children. For the first two years since 2015 it has been housed in the Terezin primary school, and starting from August 2017, classes are held at the premises of the primary school in Třebušin, a small town 40 minutes away from Terezin by bus.

Their dream is to establish a Waldorf School in Terezin.

Terezin/Theresienstadt. Copyright Gedenkstätte Terezin

Our partnership

On 17 November 2017 Svobodná základní škola and Room 28 presented their partnership project to the public. We opened the exhibition Děvčata z pokoje 28 (The Girls of Room 28)  in Terezin, in the spaces of the Artillery Barracks,  Akademická 406. The exhibition (a smaller Czech version) sees itself as a first sign of our cooperation and as a starting point for our common project. The day before we came together for a workshop.

Our current program is

  • to  develop the exhibition shown in the Academicka 406, to add a German and an English version;
  • to create and publish a Czech edition of the Compendium to the Educational  Room 28 Project;
  • to create two jobs - one on each side - for the coordination of the project and the educational work and pedagogcial mediation, also for creating a network to Waldorf Schools in Germany and in other countries.
  • We invite school classes and all interested visitors to Terezin to see the exhibition. The team of the Waldorfsch School offers to organize workshops and encounters of school-classses from the Czech Republic, Germany and other countries.
Terezin, 17. November 2017. Presentation of our project.

Crowdfunding of our Terezin partners

Please visit the plattform on which our Terezin partners have presented our common project:

The Waldorf School's central idea

A central idea of the initiators of Svobodná základní škola is to help Terezin and its inhabitants to heal the wounds that have been felt everywhere in this town since 1945, when the Jewish Ghetto was liberated and the former residents returned back home. The school offers a comprehensive and value-based education that will promote tolerance, solidarity and an understanding of the importance of history, memory and identity. It wants to highlight the importance of art, culture and creativity. The initiators seek international partnerships and wish to contribute to the revival of a town which is still affected by its traumatic history.

Common vision

Room 28 and Svobodná základní škola have become partners. We want to support their vision as it corresponds to our vision: to give the exhibition The Girls of Room 28 a permanent home. Once the preconditions have been fulfilled, the exhibition will be newly designed to suit the space requirements and meet the standards and aspirations of all  involved.

Draft for a Waldorf School in Terezin by Oldrich Hozman, Prague

From the Compendium 2017

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