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Terezin Project

German-Czech project

Update 7 January 2019

The translation of the Room 28 teaching material into Czech and the development of further material has begun. The project is made possible thanks to support by our Foreign Ministry.  In November 2019 we will present in Terezin a new Czech version of the Compendium 2019 along with seperate working-sheets. 


Missing budget 2,500€

In our financial budget there is a missing amount of  2.500€ (our own contribution).  The biggest part comes from the Foreign Ministry. We hope that we can finance our part with donations over our campaign on Betterplace.org or donations directly to our organization. Therefore we really are happy about any donations, also small ones!

Please click the widget on the left side that leads you to Betterplace.

German-Czech workshops

Together with our partners we will organize two workshops in Berlin and Terezin. Those who work on the materialial will take part.


Workshops in Berlin and in other places

Interested pedagogues, teachers, students, people active in the cultural and educatonal field interested to get involved, and play a part in it, are welcomed to contact us. We will offer Brainstorming Workshops on a regular basis to set up a team ready to act and support educational work, promotion, social media, PR, contacts to schools etc.


Room 28 Ambassadors

We need "Room 28 Ambassadors" ready to convey the project in schools, conferences, seminars or in the context of exhibition of "The Girls of Room 28". An existing PPP will be developed together and will serve as a media for this work.

To be able to organize workshops we hope to raise money for being able to invite you to our Workshops. The money we need is also part of our Donations Campaign on Betterplace.



If you are interested, write to:  brenner@room28.de

If you want to get to know the project, you can get the English version of the Compendium 2017 (image above) More information see: Edition Room 28

German-Czech partners

Svobodná základní škola, o.p.s, Katarina Hurychová, director of the school and team

Room 28 Projects, Room 28 e.V. , Hannelore Brenner, director of Room 28 and team

On 17 November 2017 Svobodná základní škola and Room 28 presented their common project to the public. We opened the exhibition Děvčata z pokoje 28 in Terezin, in the spaces of the Artillery Barracks,  Akademická 406. The exhibition (a smaller Czech version) was donated to our partner as a  first sign of our cooperation. In March 2018 we donated a German version of the exhibition.
Lisbeth Wutte presented the project in the magazine: Erziehungskunst (German)
Opening, 27 November 2017, Terezin

Donation Campaign on Betterplace

General aims

It is the aim of Svobodná základní škola

  • to establish a new school in Terezin based on Waldorf School education and to create, as part of the school, an Educational Centre which offers space for seminars and workshops for schools and other interested groups. It is intended that the exhibition The Girls of Room 28 will be an integral part of this Educational Centre, a place which will be open to the public.

It is the aim of Room 28

  • to create a permanent home for the exhibition The Girls of Room 28, to develop, modernize and expand our exhibition and make it accessible to visitors from all over the world. It is also the aim to make this exhibition the crystallization point for the Room 28 Educational Project as presented in the brochure: Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28. Compendium 2017. Room 28 Educational Project. It is published by Edition Room 28. Information is also on this site: Compendium 2017.
  • The development of the educational material and the production of this material in German, Czech and English is a top issue of our present agenda.
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