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Update: 2 February 2018

Fundraising Campaign

The Legacy of The Girls of Room 28. Ghetto Theresienstadt

A special thanks

to all of you, who supported our Fundraising Campaign with a donation.

By now we have gained 10% of our desired budget.

The Campaign must go on....

For our English speaking visitors

Visit and join our Campaign on betterplace.org. Click the following button:

Dear visitors,

the Homepage of the NPO "Room 28 e.V." is in German language, some pages are already translated into English.


There are the affiliated websites of Room 28 Projects:





It is basically the Room 28 Educational Project that we want to make the centre of our activities. Hannelore Brenner, the author of Room 28 Projects (this term embraces all her publications and projects initiated and realized by her), cannot do it any longer alone.  This is why we want to takle over and become a strong supportive association.

Therefore support is needed!

Compendium 2017

Hannelore Brenner

Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28.

Compendium 2017

Room 28 Educational Project

128 pages, color

ISBN: 978-3-9819140-0-9


Publication Date: Ende of November 2017


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over the Room 28 Shop:

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