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Creating a team

for the Room 28 Educational Project

Our Fundraising Campaign on betterplace.org has the aim, to lay the foundations for an active involvement of the NPO Room 28 e.V. in the Room 28 Projects by Hannelore Brenner. Room 28 e.V. wants to become a strong supportive organization with a professional international team that works on the educational project with its crystallization point, the exhibition "The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt".

Therefore, 5,000€ are needed to start to establish such a team and work together.

This sum is part of the 19.999€ we try to raise over our Campaign. 10,000€ for the renewal of the exhibition, 5,000€ to create and publish further teaching material (special parts are presented in the Compendium 2017) and 5.000€ to organize workshops with those who want to be part of this Room 28 Team.

The tasks of the Room 28 Team

  • taking part in our planned workshops to discuss ideas and find strategies to organize, develop and promote the Room 28 Educational Project;
  • presenting  our project directly on-site in Terezin, where our exhibition is established by our cooperation-partner, the Waldorfschool Initiative Terezin, in the  building on Academická 409;
  • working on the development of the teaching material;
  • help make the Educational Project known in schools and other educational and cultural institutions.
  • supporting our cause and mission.

Fundraising Campaign

Members of the team

This field is destined to present to you the members of the team. So far it is:


Hannelore Brenner (author of Room 28 Projects, head of Room 28 e.V.)

Heinz Winkler (ex-School-director, collaborator in the educational project,  member of Room 28)




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